After the chibbie this is the character I´m producing for my 2017 portfolio. He is a Federal Agent for the United Nations (F.A.U.N) and my goal to make it for in-game use, a triple A char. I´m using a scan of my head that we did at PrintMe last november.

F.A.U.N - Blocking

F.A.U.N – Blocking

 F.A.U.N - Blocking

F.A.U.N – Blocking

Concept – Robot 01

I believe that this project deserves a post of it´s own now.

I made this rough last night and I´m modeling it now to test the Stencil Kit for Blender.

update 2

robotic helmet

3d model / blocking

update 1

While working on the modelling, I´m making test render to see how everything is behaving. The stencil kit will be used on a old, worn out metallic version of it. Below are a few screen grabs.


Project 1 – Chibbie

This is a character I created based upon the chibbie style. I did a sketch on paper and sculpted in zbrush. Retopology, rig, pose, materials and render were done in blender. The goal was to make a character for use in animations.

Follow this link if you would like to see it bigger: https://goo.gl/FYqeT6

final render

final render

detail 1

detail 1


detail 2

process 1

process 1


process 2

Curso com Rafa Souza – Wips – Rosto Feminino

update #4
Feliz 2016 / Happy 2016!


update #3
Nunca pensei que a pele pudesse ser algo tão complexo e tão interessante. Próximo passo é detalhar os lábios, olhos e fazer cabelos.
I never thought that skin could be something so complex and so interesting. Next step is to detail the lips, eyes and make the hair.



update #1
Comecei o direcionamento da pele
Starting the direction of the skin


update #2
Ajustei a anatomia, criei assimetria e comecei a quebrar a superfície da pele…
Tweaked the anatomy, created asymmetry and started to break the skin surface…